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Daisyville Musicals

A Lyrical Icon Challenge Community

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Tired of the same old icon challenges, with the same themes over and over again?

Well, you've come to the right place!

Daisyville Musicals is an icon challenge unlike any other. Its basic concept deals with the merging of completely separate ideas, and goes from there.

The Basics:

1) This icon challenge is centered around not one, not two, but now three different tv shows: The CW's pre-Superman series Smallville, ABC's quirky dark comedy Pushing Daisies, and the BBC's epic sci-fi hit, Doctor Who. And why is that, you may ask? Many have noticed similarities between the three shows, specifically with their themes, and sometimes even the relationships. This community isn't really focused on the crossover aspect, as you might assume. Crossovers are fine, if that's your thing, but really, this is kind of a free-for-all for all three shows. You don't have to like all three to participate, but quite a few people do like both, so this assures you have a multitude of options here.

2) This community merges two different styles of the icon challenge. The first is The Weekly (sometimes Bi-Weekly) Icontest. We've all seen communities like this, such as smvl_icontest and smville_iconic. Every week or two weeks, the moderators post a theme (or themes), sometimes with specific pictures to use, sometime without. For this community, it will not be a weekly or bi-weekly icontest. Instead, it will be a monthly icontest. The second style is The Themed Icon Challenge. Examples of such communities are icons100, tv_junkie100, and tvcharacters100. These types of communities require you to make anywhere from 20 to 100 icons within a given amount of time, all centered around a claim that you make. Claims typically range from certain episodes of particular tv shows, pairings from tv shows, and individual characters from tv shows. Half the icons you make must be based upon themes presented in the community itself, and the remaining icons are the artist's choice. The themes for this community are very unique to icon challenges in general. The themes will be song lyrics, hence the name musical part of the community's name.

3) As already shown, this community will represent two different sets of two ideas. Because of that, we are allowing and encouraging something a bit different than what you see in typical Smallville icon communities: we are allowing artists to represent their own ideas, especially when it comes to one particular character. This community is a Chlois theory-friendly community. Meaning, if you are among those who believe Chloe Sullivan is the Lois Lane of the Smallville universe, and wish to make icons pertaining to that, feel free. However, since we believe in treating everyone fairly, fans of the character actually called Lois Lane are free to make icons of their Lois, as well. The only rule we have dealing with this is NO BASHING. If you're not a subscriber to the theory, please do not go in other's posts and insult them, and vice-versa. We will not hesitate to ban anyone caught bashing anyone else's icons. Sorry, but that's how it works, people. We want a calm and peaceful environment for artists here.

Think you might want to join Daisyville Musicals? Jump right in!

RULES || FAQ || THEMES || CLAIMS || Themed Hall of Fame || Monthly Challenge Hall of Fame


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